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Wednesday, 10th May 2023 at 7pm

About the author

Daniel Mulhall was born in Waterford. He has spent more than 40 years in Ireland’s diplomatic service, and is a former ambassador of Ireland to the United States (2017-2022). He has written and lectured around the world on the subject of Irish literature, and in particular the work of James Joyce, and has worked tirelessly throughout his career to further the impact and reach of Irish writing around the world. 

He is the former Ambassador of Ireland to the USA (2017-2022), recent Global Distinguished Professor of Irish Studies at Glucksman Ireland House (NYU) - fall 2022 and the current Parnell Fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge, U.K.

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Author of 

Ulysses - A Reader's Odyssey 

- published by New Island Books

Published in 2022 on the occasion of the centenary of Ireland’s (and possibly the world’s) most famous novel, this introductory guide will offer new and returning readers a handrail into the complex text. Drawing on his extensive experience of lecturing on Joyce to international audiences, Daniel Mulhall is ideally placed to guide the novice into and through the novel. He provides historical, stylistic, and biographic detail while always calling up the Homerian counterfoil as well. Mulhall untangles Ulysses from its infamous reputation of impenetrability, and shows us the joy it can offer. This book is a studious and loving exploration and guide through Joyce’s greatest work. 

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Theme of the lecture:

'Around the World with W.B. Yeats and James Joyce:

a diplomatic odyssey'

Daniel Mulhall will look back over his 44 years in Ireland’s diplomatic service and reflect on his experience of telling Ireland’s story through the works of W.B. Yeats and James Joyce. What do Ireland’s two greatest writers reveal about Irish identity and the country’s modern history? His talk will draw on a lifelong interest in Irish history and literature, and on a diplomatic odyssey that culminated in Ambassadorial assignments in Berlin, London and Washington.


Reviewing Mulhall’s book in an article published in 'Irish Central', Ted Smyth, a former diplomat and business leader and current President of the Advisory Board of Glucksman Ireland House, the center for Irish and Irish-American Studies at New York University writes:

“Mulhall’s deployment of Joyce and Yeats around the world is a masterly example of exercising ‘soft power’ on behalf of Ireland.

Ireland might not have a large security force, but it does have an army of fabulous writers, poets, musicians, and artists who, with our talented diplomats, enable Ireland to punch above its weight in the international arena.

Mulhall cleverly decodes all 18 episodes of James Joyce's famous book while also providing personal and funny insights. Irish Americans and lovers of Ireland will enjoy this new book by Dan Mulhall because it brilliantly illustrates the timeless qualities and charms of Ireland that are on show in James Joyce’s novel, ‘Ulysses’.”

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