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Experience the excitement of 'Eithne' in 1910 - by Dr Maria McHale

Join us for a music mystery talk at the Library!

Lecture: ‘New and old, Gaelic and modern’: Irish opera and the Gaelic Revival

Don't miss this interesting talk by Dr Maria McHale. It's not just for opera fans or those interested in Irish (Gaeilge) - it's an entertaining journey back in time to 21st May 1910 when the Irish-language opera, Eithne, was performed to great acclaim. Dr McHale will also unravel a music mystery - it was billed as the first opera in the Irish language - but was it?!

Dr McHale's talk will let you experience the excitement of that particular night - the last of a week-long run of the opera at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin in 1910 – never again performed until 2017 at the National Concert Hall, Dublin. You will hear part of that recent recording of the concert performance.


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A talk by Dr Maria McHale
A talk by Dr Maria McHale

Join us for an insightful lecture by academic Dr Maria McHale of TU Dublin who will reveal the story behind 'Eithne' the romantic opera in the Irish language, which was based on an Irish folk story.

Among the collections at the Princess Grace Irish Library is a rare copy of Robert O’Dwyer’s Irish-language opera, Eithne (1910) - which will be on display. What is remarkable about the score is that it contains a large number of signatures dated 21 May 1910, among them Robert O’Dwyer’s along with an array of singers including Joseph O’Mara and Evelyn Duffy, capturing some of the excitement of that particular night which was the last of a week-long run of the opera at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin.

Monaco Film Première 'Quintessentially Irish'
Monaco Film Première 'Quintessentially Irish'

Monaco's red carpet will be rolled out for the exclusive cinematic screening of the film Quintessentially Irish, while down the coast the Cannes Film Festival opens.

The film-documentary features an interview with H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and others including Pierce Brosnan, Jeremy Irons and Bob Geldof. The film's award-winning Irish director Frank Mannion will introduce the film to the audience in the Principality and we'll have a chance to chat with him during the welcome cocktail. The Monaco screening takes place at the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation conference hall on Port Hercules, thanks to the genorsity of Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou. 


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